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Boiler Repair, Service & Installation in Orpington

At AS Plumbing & Gas, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service that cuts no corners. Our service has always been at the forefront of our company since we work to refine our service in any way possible. This allows us to deliver the best service we can to all of our customers. We strive to deliver the best possible service to you, our customers.

Keeping your boiler well maintained can make all the difference in terms of its performance and efficiency. Older boilers that haven’t been serviced are usually much less efficient at their role in your home. This makes for unnecessary costs when it comes to your heating bill. Servicing ensures that your boiler is less likely to run into problems years down the line since you’ll be able to catch any issues as they develop. The worst-case scenario is being caught out when you need hot water/central heating the most. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a cold house with no hot water or central heating!

If you need a professional boiler repair or service then AS Plumbing & Gas can help! Over the years, we’ve been the go-to provider of all boiler repairs in Orpington. Whether your boiler’s not working as it should or if you’re looking to have it serviced/repaired, our accredited gas engineers will be able to get your boiler running in no time!

Keeping your home comfortable:

Your house can only be as comfortable as your boiler makes it! No home is hospitable without heating since it’s our central heating that makes a home as comforting as it is. Like with central heating, hot water is a basic necessity in modern living! It is, however, something the majority of us have taken for granted since we don’t realise how much we might use it until we can’t! Being stuck in your home without hot water is more than a nuisance since we depend on it to shower and bathe on a daily basis. 

Working with AS Plumbing & Gas to service your boiler ensures that you’re never caught out when you least expect it. Your boiler should be the least of your worries when you get home so it’s nice to know that it’s been serviced and taken care of! The trained team of gas engineers are able to service your boiler making sure that everything is working as it should be. This means you can sleep well at night knowing you’ll have a hot shower to wake up too! 

Boiler Servicing in Orpington:

Servicing your boiler is key to make sure that it’s performing as efficiently as it can be. Regularly servicing your boiler ensures that you won’t have to be without your hot water!

Boiler Repair in Orpington:

If your boiler has suddenly packed up or has started to behave oddly, you’ll need to speak to one of our gas engineers! They’ll be able to diagnose what’s gone wrong in your boiler system, ensuring that the fault is found and resolved as soon as possible. Our engineers have worked throughout Orpington for years so they know the area well! They’ll work to repair your broken boiler as soon as possible, ensuring that any parts they can’t fix or source are ordered in quickly! We work with the best supplier to ensure that we’ll be able to order the parts in and return to finish the job! 

Boiler Installation in Orpington

Our engineers can also provide a full range of services from boiler repair to boiler installation. Boiler installations are useful for those that have older systems that are looking to improve the efficiency of their system. A more efficient boiler makes for lower heating bills which are a win/win solution! A new boiler can also mean breakdowns are much less likely as it’ll be designed to be robust. Replacing an entire system will always be more than just maintaining your existing system than maintaining your current one, but in some cases it’s necessary. Speak with a member of our team today to discuss your options

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