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Here at AS Plumbing & Gas, we offer an extensive range of professional services that we take pride in providing. The services that we provide can be very confusing to the everyday customer and we want our customers to understand the services we offer fully. We have provided some answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

What Are The Central Heating Services You Provide?

We offer an extensive range of central heating services that we will be discussing fully in the questions below. Simply put, the central heating services we provide are boiler repairs, boiler servicing and we also offer installations of new boilers. All of these central heating services can be found on the website and are explained in full. The central heating services help to keep your house warm all year. The central heating system controls the temperature of the entire house and without your central heating system functioning correctly you will have very little control of the temperature of your home.

Why do I need to repair my boiler?

There are a range of reasons as to why you may require a boiler repair these reasons have been discussed in our blog – Most Common Boiler Problems. It can be common for a boiler to require a repair throughout its lifecycle due to it being relied on for everyday use. Throughout the winter months the boiler is relied on heavily so it is very important to have your boiler functioning correctly. If your boiler breaks down it can leave your home very cold especially in the winter. Here at AS Plumbing we offer boiler repairs by our expert engineers which are all gas safe registered. The team will for get to your home quickly so call our friendly team today! 020 3602 8946

What Is a Boiler Service?

A boiler service consists of one of our experienced team members visiting your home and completing a full inspection of your boiler. This service will include a range of tests to ensure that your boiler is operating correctly and efficiently. When completing the boiler servicing one of our professional engineers will ensure that your boiler is functioning to its maximum efficiency. Once the team member is assured that the boiler is functioning efficiently they will the complete all the required safety checks. These safety checks will ensure that your boiler is not posing any potential risk to anyone within the home.

Why do I Require a Boiler Service?

There are an extensive range of reasons to have your boiler service so we will only be able to discuss a few of these in this answer. One of the most important reasons to have your boiler serviced is the risk of the boiler not completing the combustion process correctly. If the boiler is not fully completing the combustion process it may lead to the production of the harmful gas carbon monoxide. This is extremely dangerous and if undetected it can be fatal. Another reason to have your boiler serviced is to keep the boiler running to its maximum efficiency. This will be achieved by having your boiler serviced regularly as the engineer will be able to spot any areas of issue. Having your boiler serviced regularly will help to keep the boiler running efficiency and will also help to keep your heating bills to a minimum.

Why Do I Need A New Boiler?

The boiler in your home doesn’t have to completely pack in before you consider purchasing a new one. There are a range of reasons for you to consider a new boiler but one of the main reasons are old boilers waste a huge amount of energy. Upgrading to a new boiler helps to keep your heating bills to a minimum. You can be assured that your new boiler will function correctly throughout winters coldest months and will run efficiently saving you money. If your boiler is showing any signs of breaking down, why not consider a new boiler to avoid the stress of your boiler finally packing in and leaving you with a cold home.  Here at AS Plumbing & Gas, we offer a range of new boilers that we will install with five star customer service and at a competitive and affordable price.

Why Do I need A Plumber For My Blockage?

Our expert plumbers here at AS Plumbing & Gas are trained professionals and have great experience in dealing with all kinds of blockages. Enquiring with one of our friendly team members today will leave you with the peace of mind knowing that your blockage will be resolved correctly. Domestic plumbing jobs are not always as simple as they seem. Having a professional take care of your blockage will assure you that the job has been done correctly and won’t happen again in the future. The plumbers will also be able to offer helpful advice to help reduce the chance of the same issue happening in the future. Enquire about your plumbing blockages today! 020 3602 8946

What Is A Burst Pipe And How Serious Is This?

A burst pipe is a very important job that needs to be resolved quickly. A burst pipe is usually caused by freezing conditions causing extra pressure on the pipe system which leads to it bursting the surrounding pipe. This is an extremely important job to resolve quickly – if the burst pipe is left unresolved it can leak large volumes of water very quickly. This may cause great damage to your home. This issue will only get worse and worse as time goes on so ensure that you call us today if you have any suspicion of a burst pipe. 020 3602 8946

Why Should I Consider Power Flushing?

Power flushing helps to clear all dirt and debris that builds up within your radiator and pipes. This dirt and debris will build up over time and will reduce the efficiency of your central heating system. This may lead to an increase of your heating bills over time. Power flushing helps to not only keep your heating appliances running to their maximum efficiency but will help to keep your bills as low as possible. There are a wide range of benefits to having your home power flushed, these have been listed on our power flushing page. One of the main reasons to consider power flushing is that this will help to keep your boiler and radiator quieter and running as effectively as it can. If your pipes and radiator are full of dirt and debris your boiler must work harder to ensure the hot water reaches the furthest radiator in the home. Power flushing is hugely beneficial to the heating of your home.

We have tried to cover a wide range of the most frequently asked question we receive here at AS Plumbing & Gas. We understand that everyone’s questions are different, there are many other questions you may have about the services we provide that we haven’t covered. If you are considering one of our services please give us a call and we would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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