Plumbing Blockages

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Plumbing Blockages

A blocked toilet can be a real inconvenience, especially if you only have one toilet in your home. There are many factors that can lead to blockages and if you suspect your toilet is blocked, don’t try to flush it again. A toilet bowl has the capacity to hold around one cistern of water, if you repeatedly try to flush away the blockage, the bowl could overflow resulting in a mess on your floors and possible water damage. call us at AS Plumbing and Gas and speak to one of our friendly experts about getting the problem resolved.  

Blocked Sinks

A blocked sink in your kitchen or bathroom can become a real nightmare. Food rinds, oils and dental products can all be leading causes of blocked sinks. We usually find the main cause of a blocked kitchen sink are grease, oil and food matter building up on the walls of the pipes which restrict the flow and ultimately lead to severe blockages. We find the leading causes of a blocked bathroom sink / blocked shower drain are dirt, a build-up of soaps and hair. All of these congest the pipes and slow their flow leading to blockages. If your drains are regularly blocked, the problem could lie with the way your drains were designed and installed. If this is the case, our team of qualified plumbers have a wealth of experience and can offer you expert advice. so you can rest assured we’ll have your problem fixed in no time at all.

Stopping Future Blockages

Once we’ve unblocked your sinks/toilets the best way to keep them clear are too

  • Not pour oils/grease down your sink, these should be disposed of in the bin
  • Resist flushing wet wipes. Even if the packet states they are flushable wet wipes are a leading cause of blocked toilets, drains and sewers.
  • Clean bathroom and kitchen plugholes regularly to remove dirt, debris and hair.

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