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When choosing a new boiler for your home it is always useful knowing the three types of boilers for your home.

Combination Boiler

Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains supply when you turn the tap on, so you won’t need a hot water cylinder or any storage tanks. This means combi boilers are perfect for smaller houses and flats. They are also very energy-efficient, because water isn’t being constantly heated and stored, but instead it’s heated on demand. Another benefit of combi boilers is that they usually deliver hot water at mains pressure, great for those who love a powerful shower! Although this does also mean pressure may be reduced when more than one tap is running at the same time.

Conventional boiler

Conventional boilers (sometimes called traditional, Heat Only or regular boilers) are linked to a separate hot water cylinder, and also require space for two storage tanks in the loft- one to feed the hot water system and one for the central heating.

These are best suited to older properties with more traditional radiator systems that might not cope well with high pressure. They are also ideal in homes with two or more bathrooms, where a lot of hot water will be used at the same time. Once the supply has run out though, it may take a while for the tank to refill and for hot water to come through again.

System Boilers

System boilers also require a hot water storage cylinder, but the main heating components are built in to the boiler itself, making for a straightforward installation.

These boilers still require a cylinder (which is unvented) but don’t require storage or header tanks. System boilers are economical to run and can provide a constant hot water supply to all the taps in your home at the same time, great for busy households!


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