How will your towel rail be heated?

You can heat your towel rail radiator by using your central heating system, however you can only use your towel rail when the whole central heating system is on which may not be ideal in the summer. Or they can be heated by using a heating element.

How big should your towel rail radiator be?

There are a few things to consider, how big is the bathroom? Is there any furniture in the way? Will the radiator impact the furniture around it? How many people will be using the bathroom? How many towels would you like to hang from the towel rail? The towel rail should ideally be placed on the outside wall as it would be more heat efficient.

How much heat output do you need?

The higher the BTU (British Thermal unit) the more powerful your towel rail radiator will be. The power you need depends on the size of your bathroom, how many towels you would like to keep warm and ideally you’d most likely want the towel rail to heat up the room as well.

Will my towel rail radiator be wall mounted or floor standing?

While many heated towel radiators are wall mounted, it may be that your wall is not strong enough to hold the weight – in which case you might opt for a floor standing towel radiator. However, this takes up more floor space so if you don’t have the room you may need to think again. If you’re wall mounting, make sure the fixings you use are appropriate for the wall and your radiator – check with a professional if you’re not sure.




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