Central heating plays an integral part in our every-day lives. Not only does central heating ensure that our homes stay warm but also ensures that we have high pressured warm water. Power flushing is a great way to remove any substances, sludge or other material that may have built up over time. The results can be extremely astounding resulting in an increase in efficiency and in some case a reduction in the cost of the central heating. If you are noticing a drop in the efficiency and also the effectiveness of your central heating then it may be time to spring some life back into the system through a power flush.

This article will give you a brief over of what Central Heating Power Flushing is and why should consider it – We provide a range of Plumbing and Gas services and regularly work on Boiler Repairs in Bromley. Speak with a member of the AS Plumbing team today to see how we can help!

What is central heating power flushing?

The way a power flush works is by using a machine and also chemicals to clean the inside pipes of radiators. Over time sludge will build up in radiators and cause what is referred to as cold spots. These colds spot mean that water cannot flow around properly and thus results in a lack of efficiency. The process of a power wash has the main aim of removing this sludge and replacing it with the clean water so that the cold spots are removed. Upon the completion of a power flush, not only will you notice an improvement in your heating system and a lack of cold spots but you will also likely see a reduction in your bills.

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How long does this take?

With every power flush, it often depends on the size of the central heating system and also the amount of sludge that is left inside the radiators. On average it takes roughly 5 hours to conduct a power flush. One thing that we pride ourselves on is offering full clarity in all of the services that we offer – If you have any questions for our heating engineers then we will do our best to answer them so that you understand the work being carried out.

Signs to look out for

One of the biggest signs that you need to get your central heating power flushed is through the cold spots or lack of consistency in your heating system. In addition to this, there are a variety of other things to look out for such as; radiators/boilers becoming noisy when turned on, Cloudy tap water and the central heating system taking a long time to heat up. In addition to this, it is recommended that you get your central heating system power flushed every 5-6 years, this will ensure that your system is in the best condition that it possibly can be.

Why should you get your system power flushed?

Ensuring that your central heating system is working optimally will result in a more responsive system, efficient and also cheaper to run.  In addition to this, getting your system power flushed will prevent the sludge and build up causing larger problems to arise. It is important to make sure that the people conducting the work are fully gas safe registered. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standard and gas safe registered.

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