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Boiler Repair Greenwich

Is your boiler acting strangely? Are your radiators cold throughout your home? Perhaps your water isn’t heating up as quickly as it has before. If these are familiar questions that you’ve asked yourself, then it may be time to consider a boiler repair service since your boiler could be in need of one! Boilers work throughout the day to ensure that our homes are comfortable, providing everything from the heating to our hot water. It’s an unfortunate certainty that boilers will start to slow down and even break after years of use. Regular servicing can slow this process down, however, all boilers will need to be repaired eventually. No one likes being left in the cold, especially in their own home.

At AS Plumbing & Gas, we can provide a range of boiler services. We specialise in boiler installations, as our team of Gas Safe engineers have years of experience between them fitting and installing boilers. We’re also experts in boiler repair, diagnosing the issue at hand and ensuring you’re boilers functions without issue. We provide a service that’s aimed to help those that need our expertise, fixing boilers quickly and affordably! We aim to deliver a leading service that cuts no corners, ensuring that our customers are getting a professional service at an affordable rate.


What’s the importance of boiler repair?:


Boiler repair is an important service as it’s a way of fixing issues that are currently stopping your central heating from working. Boilers are usually at the heart of any plumbing issues involving the hot water in your home. Boiler repair is also an affordable way of keeping your central heating up and running. Whilst a new boiler is more expensive than your average repair service, there may be scenarios where a new boiler is the only option you can choose. This will be something our Gas Safe engineers clarify and diagnose when they visit your home and take a look at your boiler.

No home is comfortable without hot water, especially in the Winter where central heating is a necessity! Unless you’ve lived without a boiler beforehand, it can be a shock having to live without hot water or heating. It’s something most of us take for granted as we don’t realise how much we use it on a daily basis. At AS Plumbing & Gas, we offer professional boiler repair to ensure you’re never left in the cold. Repairing your boiler is a quick and easy way of ensuring your boiler stays running, giving you your hot water and heating so you can carry on living as normal!

What other boiler services do you offer? 

Boiler Servicing in Bromley:

Since we’re specialists in boiler installations and servicing, we’re also able to offer these as individual services for those that need it! Our Gas Safe engineers have years of experience between them, making them experts in the field. We can offer regular servicing that ensures your boiler stays running all year round. Regular servicing is key for all types of boilers to ensure wear and tear are kept to a minimum. In our experience, boilers that break are usually boilers that have been left for years without servicing. Boiler servicing also ensures the performance of the boiler stays as efficient as it can be which can subsequently lower overall energy costs. 

Boiler Installation in Bromley:

In some situations, a boiler installation service is necessary is a boiler can break to the point it isn’t worth repairing. This is the case for a lot of older homes that are using much older boilers which have become obsolete. Older boilers are much more likely to break so it may be futile to repair it as further problems can develop down the line. If you’re considering a new boiler, speak with our engineers today.

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