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A burst pipe is one of the worst and unfortunately, one of the most common emergency plumbing cases. A severely burst pipe can leak up to 400 litres of water per hour and if left to long can cause serious amounts of damage to surrounding floors, walls and even electrical wiring. If you think you have a burst pipe, contact AS Plumbing and Gas today and speak with one of our friendly experts.

Many factors can make your pipes burst, the main one being freezing conditions. Water freezes inside the pipes which puts extra pressure on the system. the extra pressure then finds the weakest link in the soft copper or plastic tubing (and sometimes around joints or compromised sections of pipe). Additionally, as most piping is hidden in walls, floors and ceilings the damage caused by a burst pipe can be devastating. The average insurance claim for a burst water pipe is around £14,000, so if you think you may have a water leak, contact us at AS Plumbing and Gas and let us sort it before it becomes a nightmare.

Another leading cause of burst pipes is rust. Even a trickle of water coming through a small rusted out hole can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to walls, floors, carpets and the contents of your home. Identifying the signs of a burst pipe can help you spot the leak before it becomes a catastrophe. The main signs to look for are

  • Water marks on your walls and ceilings (water marks are usually the easiest sign to spot of a burst pipe, if you have water marks on your walls or ceilings that are growing in size, don’t delay and call us before the problem gets to big)
  • Damp patches on carpets (some pipes are hidden below floors so if they burst they’ll ruin surrounding carpets and anything below)
  • Drop in water pressure (a drop in your water pressure can be a major sign you have a leak somewhere in your water system. If your shower or tap pressure has dropped unexplainably, contact us at AS Plumbing and Gas today)

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