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Central Heating Power Flushing

Central heating power flushing is integral part of keeping your heating system working to its full potential. Dirt and debris build up in your pipes and radiators making them less energy efficient, putting more strain on your boiler and ultimately, end up costing you more money. Power flushing is a popular method of removing the sludge from your system and improving the overall performance of your heating system. Contact AS Plumbing and Gas today and speak with one of our friendly experts about getting the most out of your heating system.

Signs you need your heating system power flushed

If your system hasn’t been flushed for many years, there’s a good chance your radiators will be filled with sludge which lowers the performance of the entire system. There are many tell tell signs that your system needs to be power flushed. The main ones are;

  • Certain rooms are colder than each other
  • Radiators need bleeding frequently
  • Your radiators are cold at the bottoms
  • It takes a long time for your radiators to warm up
  • Your boiler sounds strained or is making loud noises

If your system has any of the above issues or you’ve gone longer than 5 years without power flushing your central heating system, contact us at AS Plumbing and Gas to book your power flush.

Benefits of Power Flushing Your Central Heating System

There are many benefits to flushing a central heating system. The main one being increasing the life expectancy of your boiler. When pipes and radiators are filled with sludge, dirt and debris, the system has to work harder. This leads to a higher chance of a boiler breakdown and costs you more in heating bills. Some of the main benefits of central heating power flushing are.

  • Extended life of your heating system
  • A more reliable heating system
  • Lower heating bills
  • Improved distributions of heat around your home
  • Less chance of a breakdown
  • Quieter boiler and radiators

As you can see, there are many benefits from flushing central heating systems. They range from energy efficiency to peace of mind knowing your boiler isn’t working itself into an early grave. If you think your heating system could do with a power flush, contact AS Plumbing and Gas today and speak with one of our friendly experts.

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