With winter well and truly gone we turn to summer and the warm weather that it brings. With the change in seasons one thing that remains constant is the need to perform maintenance and checks on your home. Your Plumbing system will need some love from time to time. The last thing you want is for the sink or toilet to become blocked and unusable during the hottest period of the year! Some of the checks and maintenance work can be done in a quick amount of time and will prevent any problems from arising. If you feel you uncover something that does not feel right to you then a member of the AS Plumbing team is on hand to help you with any concerns or questions that you may have.

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  • Be mindful of what you are flushing

One of the most important things regarding plumbing is watching what you flush and put down pipes. Many people are not mindful of the impact they could be having on their plumbing system. The biggest culprit for this is the kitchen sink. We strongly recommend that you think twice about leaving food on your plate and washing it down the sink; instead, you can scrap the excess food off and continue to wash the plate as normal. In addition to this, you can also buy food stoppers that will actively catch any food before it has a chance to even head down the drain. This is a very easy tip to help your plumbing system work optimally.

Failure to check what you are flushing can result in a range of plumbing blockages 

  • Keep an eye on the water pressure!

A very easy check is to monitor your water pressure on a regular basis, this does not need to be done 24/7 but weekly and monthly checks can be a great way to check the water pressure. Checking this will help you see if there is a drop or increase in pressure and if so, notify a plumber to help fix the problem. In addition to this, a drop in water pressure you will notice a lack of pressure from water running through taps this is an easy and key check to perform.

If this is new to you, it is recommended that a typical domestic water pressure amount should be in the region of 40-45 PSI – It is also important to know that if this level were to exceed 60 PSI then it could pose a problem to you and your home.

  • Remove any blockages from drains

It goes without saying that if you notice a form of blockage then you should get this fixed straight away. Allowing for blockages to build up can seem like there is no damage being caused but with any blockage, there is the ability for this to grow and cause further damage to pipes and drains. Blockages within pipes can also lead to nasty smells being found throughout the different levels of homes. As pipes become blocked there is a greater chance for sludge to build up and cause a strong smell.

A way to prevent blockages is to pay attention to the flow of your water and if drains are starting to run slowly do something about it!

  • Unclog drains that are running slowly

Unclogging drains before blockages have the chance to form is key to maintaining your plumbing system. You will be able to tell when a blockage could potentially form. A typical example of this is the reduced drainage capability of showers and other taps. Showers become clogged with a range of different materials such as hair. At the end of each shower or bath, take a moment to check how quickly the water is draining. We recommend that you take the plug out and thoroughly clean this at least once a month to remove any debris or items that is causing the reduced water flow.

This also applies to any type of drain and has high relevance to the kitchen sink. Cleaning this regularly and removing any small blockages will prevent larger ones forming.

  • Have your system checked once a year

Although it is great to perform checks and maintenance yourself it is also just as important to have your system professionally checked. Having a professional give everything a once over will not only point your mind at rest but will also uncover any areas that will need to be fixed or monitored. Doing this at least once a year will stand your plumbing system the best chance to work optimally throughout the entirety of the year. Having someone with more expertise will also give you tips on how to use your time wisely.

Here at AS Plumbing, we provide a range of Plumbing Services in South East London. We pride ourselves on working with the customer and showing transparency in everything that we do so the customer is always aware of what we are doing and why this is important.

  • Fix any leaks or faulty shower heads

Although leaky and faulty shower heads will not cause a big problem to your plumbing they can cause a high wastage of water and also put more strain on your pipes than is needed. Leaks can be small trickles but these small streams of water over time can cause a range of problems. Creating damp patches and also causing the paint to look stained and cracked.

We understand that it is not top of your priority list but these small fixes can have big effects for you and your home – There is a great guide on how to fix small leaks on pipes. Head on over to the link provided if you would like to see how to do this.

Who are AS Plumbing

We see ourselves as your local friendly plumber who is honest and always offers a reliable and high-quality service. We provide our customers with full transparency in everything we do so that you are always in the loop and know exactly what we are doing. The tips provided above are a great way to keep on top of your plumbing system but we strongly recommend investing and getting your system checked and maintained once a year. This will ensure that there are no big problems with your plumbing and you can rest assured knowing that your home has been checked.

We offer a range of Gas and Heating services and are able to give you a fixed fee quote for jobs. We encourage customer feedback and do our best to constantly review and update the service that we offer.

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