As with anything, plumbing and central heating systems need upkeep, care and at times will fail to work as they should. When something like this arises you want to make sure that you have the most reliable plumbers available to come and fix any small or large problems before they have the chance to expand and cause further damage. Plumbers that are reliable can sometimes be very hard to find, the biggest thing that we promise to all customers is our reliability. Not only this, we go above and beyond to provide customers with expert insight into what has caused the problem in the first place. The purpose of this article is to give you a full overview of the services that we offer here at AS Plumbing.

What plumbing services do we offer?

From burst pipes to emergency appointments our team of dedicated plumbers are on hand to help with any issues that may arise with your plumbing system. We know that leaks and breaks are not possible to prevent but the way this is fixed and treated is vital. One of the many things that people forget with plumbing is that even though a leak may seem small there may be a larger problem causing the initial leak. In addition to this, failure to assess a  small leak or problem with a plumbing system can lead to a large problem arising and a hefty bill.

One of the many things that we offer is power flushing, this is more for central heating, however, power flushing your home is something that homeowners should definitely think about doing. A power flush involves a complete flush of a homes central heating system to get rid of any debris or build-up within the pipes. This does two things for homeowners, firstly it ensures that the central heating system works perfectly and is running efficiently. Secondly, because of the power flush the system will work quicker, faster and more efficiently this means that the cost of electricity, gas and heating will be reduced.

If you have any questions regarding the Plumbing Services we offer in Beckenham then please get in touch with a member of the AS plumbing team today.

How often should you get your plumbing and heating system checked?

It is strongly recommended that you get your plumbing and central heating system serviced at least once every year. This means that any small problems that are occurring will be able to be rectified in a quick and timely manner. A general rule of thumb is that homes built around the 1960s may have different plumbing systems to the ones found in many homes today. Back in the 60s steel piping was used however despite the strength of steel there was also the misfortune of the pipes beginning to deteriorate over time. Even in newer built homes we strongly recommend that a plumber comes in to give a second opinion in on the work that has been done. Small things that may have been overlooked can really rise into things that can cause a multitude of problems.

Who is AS Plumbing?

AS Plumbing is your friendly plumbing provider – we offer a great range of services to past, present and future clients. One of the main things that we try to do when visiting a property is to provide actionable tips and advice to homeowners. Covering the entirety of south-east London we are on hand to provide homeowners dedicated and high-quality plumbing services. Furthermore, all team members are trained to the highest standard and all of which are up to date with the latest technologies within the plumbing and central heating industry.

When choosing AS Plumbing you are picking a close-knit group of employees who want nothing more than to provide a great level of service to customers.

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