Bosch has recently unveiled their revolutionary new boiler to the world and it’s safe to say, we are quite excited! The new Greenstar lifestyle 800 range has turned many heads within the boiler world. We appreciate that boilers are never the most exciting thing to purchase but Bosch has managed to create a boiler complete with latest technologies, modern design and will attract both a young and older demographic. A strong name within the boiler industry, Bosch regularly innovate and position themselves as one of the main companies pushing what’s possible with boilers. This article is here to bring you up to speed on all things relating to this new product and give you some information as to why you should consider one of the new Greenstar boilers.

Here at AS Plumbing, we like to stay up to date on the current trends and developments within the industry – All of our team members are up to speed on the current happenings and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about having a new boiler or getting your current boiler serviced 

Game Changing Design

With traditional boilers, they are hardly the most exciting or aesthetically appealing thing to look at. The majority of boilers are confined to a cupboard, room or covered by any means necessary. The new Bosch Greenstar changes the way we see boilers turning them into a main focal point of many homes and something homeowners are proud to show off. Available in either white if you choose the ‘Greenstar Life’ range or a selection of white or black if you go for the ‘Greenstar Style Range’. Whichever range works for you, both have a similar striking appearance.

Bosch Greenstar Boilers

As you can see from the images above, the new Greenstar Boilers by Bosch do resemble a traditional boiler but have a very trendy, modern feel to them. Bosch themselves note their high amount of focus towards the style of this boiler, stating that no compromises were made towards the design of the new boiler with quality and performance at the forefront of every decision that was made.

Not only do Bosch note their dedication to providing extremely stylish boilers but the entire Greenstar Boiler Range is a winner of multiple awards

Implementation of new Technology

With technology constantly advancing, boilers are adopting the latest advancements providing great value to anyone looking to buy a boiler. The Greenstar 8000 Style is both extremely powerful and smart. The power provided by the boiler means that it is capable of achieving 50kW and in addition to this will provide the highest hot water flow rates when compared with any of the other wall hung combi boilers that are on the market. The boiler itself has a full-colour control panel that forms the main part of the interaction between the user and the boiler. It is complete with push LCD display allowing for ease of use and simple to use navigation. This is great for those who may want to monitor their household energy to see what can be improved upon.

In addition to this, the boiler is able to intelligently monitor how well it is performing and provide actionable insight to users on a range of things such as Low system pressure & alerts before any problems may occur. One of the things that Bosch push is their intelligent filling system. If water pressure drops then the filling system will go ahead and automatically refill the system to the optimal level.

SMART Technology in a boiler, is it all that?

In 2019, there is a lot of talk about SMART devices and creating a digital ecosystem for our homes. Whilst a boiler may not be on top of the list when changing appliances to have SMART features, you will be surprised by how handy this feature is. A great companion for the Greenstar boiler is the EasyControl smart thermostat. It has a dedicated app for smartphones, you are able to control your boiler directly from your phone. This allows you to easily control your home’s heating whilst out and about.

The practical uses for this smart connectivity are great, no longer will you come home to a cold home. From a safety point of view, you will be able to monitor your boilers functions and see how well it is running! It will also allow you to monitor your energy emissions for your home a lot more effectively and also work towards lowering the amount you pay in electricity bills each month.

Why trust Bosch?

Worcester who are the masterminds behind the Greenstar Boiler was originally founded back in 1962 and became part of the global Bosch group in 1996. Not only is Bosch a market leader for domestic boilers but are also investing heavily in renewable technologies. Buying a Bosch boiler will give you peace of mind in the quality of the product and also assurance in the company you are advocating. Being a market leader in domestic boilers means that they are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what domestic boilers can do.

Who are AS Plumbing

We install many Bosch boilers to customers homes and know how these systems work. We will be able to help set up your new boiler and answer any questions that you may have regarding some of the features. A member of the AS Plumbing team will be happy to give you advice based on your needs and make sure that the boiler you go for us the best fit for you, your family and most importantly your needs.

In addition to this, AS Plumbing also provide a range of boiler services across South East London and work with our clients to provide a clear and easy to understand service to customers. We pride ourselves on helping customers not only fix their boiler-related problems but also explain why and how the problem has happened and how to avoid this happening again.

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